Hawks fans who live in Chicago

Hawks fans who have recently been to the Hawks store on Michigan Ave. I have a question for you.

Did anyone see if the Hawks store had Oduya shirts? I really want one. 

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I can’t wait to get back to this beautiful place we call our home!

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I am just so happy to:

  • Cry over how perfect my captain is
  • Call the Blackhawks asshats upon occasion
  • Yell at piece of shit other teams
  • Hear Jim Cornelison sing the National Anthem while the UC crowd roars
  • Go crazy when the Hawks score & Chelsea Dagger plays
  • Sob over the bromances on my team
  • Listen to Pat & Eddie drunkenly call games
  • Just watch the Chicago Blackhawks play hockey


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Favorite Games :: Canucks vs. Blackhawks
(Requested by bieksaisboss)

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